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DesignMarch 2012 – STAKA

I’ve been working on a new collection of accessories, designed in collaboration with Bylgja Rún Svansdóttir. Now, during DesignMarch 2012, we proudly introduce STAKA, our brand of continuously evolving line of accessories.

STAKA 2012 is a collection of unisex leather neck wear, cut and moulded into unique pieces. The first collection is inspired by The Icelandic Sagas, using Viking Age materials and craftsmanship in an attempt to create accessories for the Icelandic Tribe, where each piece tells a story and reveals the social status of it’s bearer.

Added 29.03.2012 - STAKA featured on Cool Hunting

Added 23.04.2012 – New! STAKA featured on Fast Co Design

For more pictures and follow up: www.facebook.com/staka2012

For high res images, please contact: info@staka.is

STAKA | DesignMarch 2012

Stay tuned!

Thread at Hafnarborg Museum

mynd tengd atburði: Rætur – íslensk samtíma skartgripahönnun

Rætur – íslensk samtíma skartgripahönnun 10. mars – 15. apríl 2012

Sýningin Rætur er sýning á íslenskri samtímaskartgripahönnun, hún veitir innsýn í heim íslenskrar skartgripahönnunar og þær ólíku rætur sem gullsmiðir og skartgripahönnuðir leita í varðandi hugmyndir, efnisval og aðferðir. Flestir gripanna eru sérstaklega unnir fyrir sýninguna og endurspegla mikla grósku á þessu sviði hér á landi. Höfundarnir nota fjölbreytt efni allt frá dýrum málmum og gimsteinum til timburs og mosa. Þema sýningarinnar endurspeglar þessa fjölbreytni og vísar jafnt til náttúrunnar sem og menningarlegra eða persónulegra róta höfunda. Skartgripunum hefur síðan verið búin áhugaverð umgjörð í Hafnarborg.
Sýningin er unnin í samstarfi við Félag Íslenskra Gullsmiða og er hluti af HönnunarMars 2012.

Thread nominated for The Grapevine’s Product Awards!

I’m happy to announce that Thread was one of two Runners-up for Grapevine’s Product Line of the Year 2012!

Here’s what the panel of judges had to say about Thread – it’s called Þráður in Icelandic.

“María Kristín Jónsdóttir, Þráður
Original, fresh, and bold, Þráður is a great fresh take on accessorizing and jewellery. Perhaps its beauty lies in the fact that it is not easily defined—is it an accessory? Clothing? Jewellery? As a souvenir, it is light and easy to ship. We look forward to seeing a website, packaging and branding develop.”

And here you can read all about the Awards.



Thread & Björk

Edda Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir, designer and project manager, who chose Thread as her favorite Icelandic design in Iceland Design Centre’s Christmas Calendar, would love to give one to one of my all time favorite artist, Björk!                                                  …

What is your favorite Icelandic design?

“Thread by María Kristín Jónsdóttir, exhibited at Spark Design Space earlier this year and currently being introduced in Helsinki in Design Forum Shop. These gorgeous necklaces combine old and new times, traditions, handcraft and not least the notion of celebrating then and now. Thread crystallizes the beauty of contemporary Icelandic design; precious, yet daring, detailed but bold, elegant but playful. Thread refers to one of the valuable sources in everyday life that is passed on between generations, and gets reinterpreted each time, adding yet another layer to it.”

Who would you give it to this Christmas?

“Every piece is so unique and I almost feel that each one should find its owner, rather than the other way round. Nevertheless I’d love to give one to Björk, she would look stunning wearing it. We’re not exactly on those terms though.”


Opening night in Design Forum Finland

The top photo shows Mikko Kalhama, CEO of Design Forum, speak at the opening party together with the lovely actress and host of the party, Sanna Stellan – who’s wearing a Thread piece!


Thread in Design Forum Shop

Thread has now traveled to Finland! They are now available at the Icelandic Contemporary Pop-Up Shop in Design Forum Shop, Helsinki. There you may also find beautiful design by Hrafnkell Birgisson, Vík Prjónsdóttir, Megan Herbert and other Icelandic designers.

THREAD | Iceland Design Centre BLOG

For the whole article go to Iceland Design Centre BLOG


ÞRÁÐUR | THREAD exhibition

For the last three months I have been researching and designing jewelery based on the embroidered patterns traditionally used on Faldbúningur, the original Icelandic costume for women.  This was done in preparation for an exhibition in SPARK | DESIGN SPACE, where I was joined by goldsmith Dóra Guðbjört Jónsdóttir, one of Iceland’s few specialist in handmade filigree. The opening was held on the Icelandic National Day, June 17, when traditionally many women dress up in the National costume, and I was honored to have two ladies coming to the opening wearing my main inspiration for this exhibition.













Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, Owner of SPARK and Curator of ÞRÁÐUR (left).



















These beautiful ladies were wearing Skautbúningur (left) and Faldbúningur (right).



















With my fellow exhibitor Dóra Guðbjört Jónsdóttir.













Guðrún Hildur Rosenkjær, the creator of the technical drawings I used a an inspiration for the jewelery (far left).













Some guests were cuter than others ;)













SPARK | DESIGN SPACE – Klapparstíg 33, 101 Reykjavík.

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